Physics 40S

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Feb. 2

Had our exam part 2.

Feb. 1

Had our exam part 1. Tomorrow will be part 2, on Circular Motion, Work and Energy, Gravtivational Fields/Low Earth Orbit, and Electric/Magnetic Fields.

Jan. 31

Reviewed the Electric/Magnetic Fields unit. Don't forget that the exam starts tomorrow.

Jan. 28

Reviewed the Circular Motion, Work and Energy and Low Earth Orbit/Gravitational Fields units.

Jan. 27

School was closed today, so we'll have to review double what we normally would on Friday. It's going to be an action packed end to the week!

Jan. 26

Reviewed the Momentum and Projectile Motion units.

Jan. 25

Reviewed the Kinematics and Dynamics units.

Jan. 24

Continued working on our inquiry projects. Presentations will start tomorrow.

Jan. 21

Continued working on our inquiry projects. Good luck on your pre-cal exam on Monday.

Jan. 20

Started researching for our inquiry project. Presentations will start on Tuesday next week.

Jan. 19

Had our Electric and Magnetic Fields test.

Jan. 18

Reviewed the Electric and Magnetic Fields unit. The test is tomorrow.

Jan. 17

Had some time to catch up on some stuff from the electric fields unit.

Jan. 14

Talked about the force experienced by a current carrying wire or a moving charge in a magnetic field. Try the practice questions this weekend, and we'll talk about them on Monday.

Jan. 13

Talked about the magnetic field produced by moving charges (ie. current carrying wires).

Jan. 12

Talked about charges moving in electric fields. Finish off the practice questions for tomorrow if you're not already done.

Jan. 11

Had time to work on assignments.

Jan. 10

Talked about voltage (electric potential) and what the final inquiry project will look like. Think about what topic you want to present on over the next week or so.

Jan. 7

Had some more time to work on Electric Field questions, and gave out a hand-in assignment, due Tuesday.

Jan. 6

Worked through some questions about electric fields. Work on them for tomorrow if you're not done yet.

Dec. 21

Had our field trip to the U of M chemistry department.

Dec. 20

Talked about how we draw electric field lines, and how we can calculate the electric field due to a charge. Meet in my room tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM so we can board the bus and be on the road shortly after 9.

Dec. 17

Watched some Bill Nye, then went and watched the basketball tournament. Don't forget to bring your Field Trip permission form in for Monday if you haven't done this already.

Dec. 16

Worked on our Coloumb's law worksheet.

Dec. 15

Played with the Van der Graaf generator for a while, then talked about Coulomb's Law. Work on the practie questions for tomorrow.

Dec. 14

Had our Gravitational Fields unit test.

Dec. 13

Reviewed some more for the upcoming test, which is tomorrow.

Dec. 10

Reviewed the Gravtiational Fields and Space Exploration unit. The test will be on Tuesday.

Dec. 9

Worked on questions related to gravitational potential energy.

Dec. 8

Talked about binding energy and escape velocity. We'll do practice questions on these tomorrow.

Dec. 7

Mr. Sereda was gone today, so we worked on some more practice questions. We'll go these questions tomorrow.

Dec. 6

Talked some more about the Law of Gravitation. Work on these questions for tomorrow.

Dec. 3

Talked about the Universal Law of Gravitation. Here are the sheets we used:


Dec. 2

Had our Work and Energy unit test.

Dec. 1

Started talking about Gravitational Fields by talking about Kepler's laws. We have our Work and Energy test tomorrow, so the practice questions will be due for Friday.

Nov. 30

Reviewed the Work and Energy unit. We decided that the unit test will be on Thursday.

Nov. 29

Combined all three energies into one conservation of energy equation. Work on the questions given out in class for homework.

Nov. 26

Talked about Hooke's law, and how it applies to springs. For those of you that were gone Thursday and Friday, here are the sheets given out in class:


Nov. 25

Talked about the conservation of energy and how transfers of energy work. Finish off the practice questions for tomorrow.

Nov. 24

Did a lab based on Hooke's Law. We'll talk more about what that means either tomorrow or Friday.

Nov. 23

Talked about the work-energy theorem, and how it applies to the work done on moving objects. Work on the practice questions for tomorrow if you're not done yet.

Nov. 22

Today we talked about transfers of energy, and worked on a hand-in assignment.

Nov. 19

Had our circular motion unit test.

Nov. 18

Started into the Work and Energy unit, and worked through a few practice questions. We then had some time to work on the circular motion review.

Nov. 17

Talked about vertical circles and had time to work on the circular motion hand-in assignment.

Nov. 16

Worked on the circular motion review.

Nov. 15

No one showed up for class, so we didn't get a chance to work through a special case of circular motion. If anyone wants to know what they missed, make arrangements with me tomorrow. The circular motion test will be on Friday.

Nov. 10

Did a lab based on circular motion. We'll discuss when it's due on Monday.

Nov. 9

Talked some more about circular motion, and how we can relate it to things we've already learned in dynamics. Work on the practice questions given out in class for tomorrow, but don't worry about the calculational question involving a banked corner - we'll talk about that a different day.

Nov. 8

Started talking about circular motion. Finish off the conceptual questions for tomorrow if you're not done yet.

Nov. 5

Had a work period, since 3 of our 4 students were missing.

Nov. 4

Had our projectile motion unit test.

Nov. 3

Did some more work on projectiles. Don't forget to study for the test tonight.

Nov. 2

Today we played around with a simulation that demonstrates projectile motion. Because of some interruptions that will be happening on Friday, our test will be on Thursday instead.

Nov. 1

Today we worked on a hand-in assignment, due for the end of tomorrow so that I can have them back to you for the test on Friday.

Oct. 29

There was a pre-cal test today that ran into our class, so we didn't do anything.

Oct. 28

Had our momentum unit test.

Oct. 27

Reviewed momentum for the test tomorrow. If you have any other questions, stop by at lunch tomorrow.

Oct. 26

Talked some more about projectile motion and how to solve problems for projectiles that are fired at an angle.

Oct. 25

Started talking about projectile motion. Do questions 1-5 on the Projectiles worksheet for tomorrow.

Oct. 21

Worked on a hand-in assignment, reviewing the momentum unit. This will be due on Tuesday.

Oct. 20

Did a lab on the conservation of momentum. We'll talk tomorrow about when it will be due.

Oct. 19

Went over another example of conservation of momentum in two dimensions, and then kept working on the practice questions.

Oct. 18

Talked about conservation of momentum in two dimensions. Finish off the practice problems for homework for tomorrow.

Oct. 15

Talked about conservation of momentum: 02 Conservation of Momentum.doc. You can also check out pages 236 - 240 in the textbook. Finish questions 19-21 on page 240 for Monday.

Oct. 14

No class today because everyone was gone!

Oct. 13

Had our Dynamics unit test.

Oct. 12

Answered questions about anything to do with Dynamics for the test tomorrow, and started talking about Momentum. We'll continue to talk about Momentum after we're done the Dynamics unit test.

Oct. 6

Worked on our review assignment today. Again, don't forget that your hand-in assignment is due on Tuesday (I forgot that there's no class Monday), and that our unit test on Dynamics is on Wednesday.

Oct. 5

Talked about connected masses and how to find the tension in a rope connecting the two. Don't forget that your hand-in assignment is due on Monday.

Oct. 4

Talked some more about hanging masses and gave out a hand-in assignment. We'll save the topic we were going to talk about today for tomorrow.

Oct. 1

Talked about hanging masses and how to solve problems for these situations. Finish up 5 and 7 on our current worksheet for Monday, and make an attempt at #6 and see how you do.

Sept. 30

No class today because of the Terry Fox run!

Sept. 29

Went over some more examples of calculating forces of friction. Do numbers 1, 2 and 3 on the worksheet I handed out today for homework.

Sept. 28

Continued working on examples of friction on flat surfaces. If you're not quite done the worksheet that talks about friction, try to finish it off for tomorrow - we'll take up any questions you didn't get tomorrow.

Sept. 27

Went through examples of friction on flat surfaces. Finish any questions that you didn't finish for homework for tomorrow.

Sept. 24

Did more two-dimensional force problems and got through a few of those questions. Try #3, 5 and 7 on the worksheet for Monday's homework.

Sept. 23

Started looking at two-dimensional force problems, and how to solve them. Remember that they are exactly the same as equilibrium problems, except that the forces add up a certain number instead of adding to 0! Try numbers 1 and 2 on the worksheet I handed out, I'll check it tomorrow.

Sept. 22

Did a static equilibrium lab, started talking about what goes in a lab report. We'll talk more about this on Thursday.

Sept. 21

Continued working on the static equilibrium worksheet. If you're not done it yet, finish it tonight since we're moving on to the next topic tomorrow.

Sept. 20

Went over static equilibrium and how to work out problems where an object is in static equilibrium. Work on the Equilibrium of Forces worksheet and we'll work on it a little tomorrow as well.

Sept. 17

Started into the Dynamics unit (all about forces), started talking about static equilibrium. Gave out an assignment to try out, it's a little tough but we'll talk about any issues you have with it on Monday.

Sept. 16

More time to work on the Kinematics hand-in assignment.

Sept. 15

Started working on a Kinematics hand-in assignment, due on Friday.

Sept. 14

Talked about breaking vectors into components, and how to use this concept to solve relative motion problems. No homework today, but tomorrow you will work on a Kinematics hand-in assignment to see how you're doing with this stuff so far.

Sept. 13

Worked on the Kinematic equations, since we will be using these equations for everything for the next little while. Homework for tomorrow is the Kinematics worksheet.

Sept. 10

Kept working on graphs. If you're not quite done the worksheet, do your best on it. We'll go over any questions you have on Monday, as well as starting on Kinematics.

Sept. 9

Handed out textbooks and talked about lab safety. Please make sure you give your safety contract back to me after ahving your parents sign it, so that you can participate in labs!

Starting talking about displacement-time graphs and velocity-time graphs.