Physics 30S

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Feb. 2

Had our exam part 2.

Feb. 1

Had our exam part 1. Tomorrow will be part 2 on Dynamics, Gravitational Fields, Electric/Magnetic Fields and Electromagnetism.

Jan. 31

Reviewed the Electric/Magnetic Fields and Electromagnetism units. Don't forget that the exam starts tomorrow.

Jan. 28

Reviewed the Kinematics, Dynamics and Gravitational Fields units.

Jan. 27

School was closed today, so we'll have to review double what we normally would on Friday. It's going to be an action packed end to the week!

Jan. 26

Reviewed the Sound unit.

Jan. 25

Reviewed the Waves unit.

Jan. 24

Continued working on our inquiry projects. Presentations will start tomorrow.

Jan. 21

Continued working on our inquiry projects.

Jan. 20

Started researching for our inquiry projects. Presentations will start on Tuesday next week.

Jan. 19

Had our Electric and Magnetic Fields test.

Jan. 18

Reviewed the Electric and Magnetic Fields unit. The test is tomorrow.

Jan. 17

Had some more time to practice with magnetic force questions. Finish these off tonight if you're not done already.

Jan. 14

Talked about the force experienced by a current carrying wire in a magnetic field. Try the practice questions this weekend, and we'll talk about them on Monday.

Jan. 13

Talked about the magnetic field produced by moving charges (ie. current carrying wires).

Jan. 12

Talked some more about magnetic fields. Gave out a review - make sure you can do all the questions on this.

Jan. 11

Talked about magnetic field lines and the magnetic field of the Earth. If you're not done the lab yet, finish it off for tomorrow.

Jan. 10

Did a lab on magnetic fields, and talked about what the final inquiry project will look like. Think about what topic you want to work on over the next week or so.

Jan. 7

Talked about Millikan's experiment, which determined the charge of an electron. Gave out a hand-in assignment, due Tuesday

Jan. 6

Talked about charges moving between parallel plates. Work on the questions from today for homework if you're not done them yet.

Dec. 21

Had our field trip to the U of M chemistry department.

Dec. 20

Had a work period to catch up on missing assignments. Meet in my room tomorrow morning at 8:30 AM so we can board the bus and be on the road shortly after 9.

Dec. 17

Watched some Bill Nye, then went and watched the basketball tournament. Don't forget to bring your Field Trip permission form in for Monday if you haven't done this already.

Dec. 16

Talked about the uniform electric field that comes from parallel plates, then worked on a hand-in assignment, due on Monday.

Dec. 15

Played with the Van der Graaf generator, then talked about electric fields. Work on the practice questions for tomorrow.

Dec. 14

Had our Gravitational Fields unit test.

Dec. 13

Started talking about electric fields and drew some electric field lines. Don't forget the test is tomorrow.

Dec. 10

Reviewed the Gravitational Fields unit. The test will be on Tuesday.

Dec. 9

Had some more time to work on friction and free fall questions.

Dec. 8

Did a lab where we calculated the coefficient of friction. This will be due on Friday. As well, we decided that our unit test will be on Tuesday.

Dec. 7

Mr. Sereda was gone today, so we worked on some more practice questions. We'll go over these worksheets tomorrow.

Dec. 6

Talked about the coefficient of friction and how this will help us to calculate the force of friction. Work on the practice questions for Wednesday.

Dec. 3

Talked about free fall. No homework for this weekend.

Dec. 2

Had our Dynamics unit test.

Dec. 1

Talked about the apparent weight of objects and how we can calculate what kind of weight they actually feel. Finish off the practice questions for Friday, since we have our Dynamics test tomorrow.

Nov. 30

Talked about gravitational fields. Don't forget about the Dynamics test on Thursday.

Nov. 29

Had our Dynamics review. The test will be on Thursday, so think of any questions you have between now and then.

Nov. 26

Talked about objects resting on inclined planes, and how to calculate the forces acting on them. We'll start our Dynamics review on Monday.

Nov. 25

Talked some more about the normal force and how to figure out how big the normal force is. We'll talk about the normal force when the surface isn't level tomorrow.

Nov. 24

Talked about the force of gravity and the normal force, and worked on a hand in assignment (due Friday).

Nov. 23

Talked about forces that act at angles and how to figure out what the x and y components of the force will be. Polish off the practice sheet for tomorrow if you're not quite done.

Nov. 22

Today we talked some more about the addition of force vectors. If you're not done yet, finish off the worksheet that we were working on today.

Nov. 19

Talked a bit about Newton's second law, and worked through some practice problems.

Nov. 18

Had our kinematics unit test.

Nov. 17

Worked in the library to research the four fundamental forces of nature. Don't forget to study for Thursday's test.

Nov. 16

Started into the Dynamics unit by talking about Newton's three laws and solving problems related to his first law.

Nov. 15

Had our kinematics review. The kinematics test will be on Thursday.

Nov. 10

Had a work period, where we worked on questions from the kinematics unit.

Nov. 9

Talked about how to find the distance of a constantly accelerating object. We'll work some more on the kinematics review assignment tomorrow.

Nov. 8

Had a quiz on what we've done in kinematics so far.

Nov. 5

Talked about graph translation (how to turn d-t graphs into v-t and a-t graphs, and vice versa). Gave out a hand-in assignment based on this, due Tuesday.

Nov. 4

Talked about v-t graphs and how to analyze an object that is moving on a v-t graph. We'll talk more about this tomorrow.

Nov. 3

Today we worked some more on d-t graphs. If you're still not sure about these, make sure you do some work on this tonight.

Nov. 2

Today we had our sound unit test.

Nov. 1

Today we talked about displacement-time graphs. Work on the questions we got in class for tomorrow.

Oct. 29

Today we did a bit of review of stuff you talked about in grade 10. Finish the second and third page of the sheets you got today for Monday.

Oct. 28

Today we went on a vector journey. If you haven't found the displacements of your vector journeys yet, finish this off for tomorrow.

Oct. 27

Today we started the new unit on Kinematics and Dynamics, and talked about vectors. If you're not done the questions from today, finish them off for tomorrow.

Oct. 26

Today we worked on a hand-in assignment, with questions from the second half of the sound unit. Our Sound unit test will be on Tuesday next week.

Oct. 25

Talked about the Doppler effect, and how to do calculations involving moving sources/detectors. If you're not done questions 6-10 on pg. 409 yet, finish them for tomorrow.

Oct. 21

Did a lab, using pipe resonance to find the speed of sound. This will be due on Tuesday.

Oct. 20

Had a quiz on sound and talked some more about physics in music.

Oct. 19

Worked through some practice questions to do with pipe resonance, and talked a little bit about the decibel scale and the physics behind music.

Oct. 18

Reviewed open pipe resonance, and talked about closed pipe resonance. We didn't quite get to the end of this before the bell rang, so no homework for tonight.

Oct. 15

Talked about pipe resonance and figured out what wavelengths of sound will cause an open pipe to resonate. We will have a quiz on sound next week, probably on Wednesday.

Oct. 14

Talked about beat frequency and resonance. Finish off the practice questions for tomorrow. And here's the link to B. F. Skinnerinformation.

Oct. 13

Talked about the Doppler effect, and what it has to say about the frequency of waves coming from a moving source. Finish off the practice questions for tomorrow.

Oct. 12

Talked about the Mach number, and used this to finish off the questions on on the Sound Worksheet we started last week.

Oct. 6

Had our Waves unit test today.

Oct. 5

Started talking about sound and how we can find the speed of sound in air.

Oct. 4

Reviewed the Waves unit. Finish that sheet for tomorrow so that we can go over any questions you have, since the test is on Wednesday.

Oct. 1

Did a lab based on Snell's Law today. We'll talk more about lab reports and what kinds of things should go in them on Monday.

Sept. 30

No class today because of the Terry Fox run!

Sept. 29

Worked on some questions related to our path difference formula for nodal lines. If you haven't finished this yet, do this for next class.

Sept. 28

Talked about two-source interference some more, and how to figure out which nodal lines we're looking at. We ran out of time this class, so no homework for tonight.

Sept. 27

Talked about two-source interference and how to find nodal/antinodal lines. If you didn't finish the sheet where we were drawing on, finish it off for tomorrow.

Sept. 24

Talked about wave diffraction and how waves will bend around solid objects. Don't forget to finish off your Snell's Law hand-in worksheet for Monday.

Sept. 23

Talked more about Snell's Law and how it applies to wave velocity and wavelength. Gave out a hand-in assignment, due for Monday.

Sept. 22

Talked about Snell's Law and how it applies to waves. Finish off the assignment handed out in class, as well as the practice problems from the textbook for tomorrow.

Sept. 21

Talked about wave reflection and started into the 2D waves section. No homework for tomorrow.

Sept. 20

Talked more about wave transmission and reflection, and how the waves change when they are transmitted and reflected. Make sure you finish the waves hand-in assignment for tomorrow if you're not done yet.

Sept. 17

Talked about wave interference and superposition. Gave out a hand-in assignment on superposition, due on Tuesday.

Sept. 16

Had a quiz on waves, then continued playing with slinkies.

Sept. 15

Started investigating waves, and their various properties. We will have a short quiz on waves tomorrow, then you will have time to finish off the last few questions for the investigation.

Sept. 14

Worked on practice questions for frequency and period, and the wave equation. Homework for today is to finish the worksheet you were working on today.

Sept. 13

Talked about waves and how they can be measured. Homework is the Waves worksheet, due tomorrow.

Sept. 10

Continued with the FUNdamentals of Physics worksheet. If you haven't finished it yet, make sure you finish it for Monday for a homework check. Some people started on the Waves unit, we will go over Waves as a whole class on Monday.

Sept. 9

Handed out textbooks and talked about lab safety. Please make sure you give your safety contract back to me after ahving your parents sign it, so that you can participate in labs!

Started into some of the fundamentals of physics, such as scientific notation, prefixes, and significant figures.