Winter 2010 Chemistry 30S

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Feb. 2

Finished presentations for our inquiry projects.

Feb. 1

Continued presentations on our inquiry projects.

Jan. 31

Started presentations for our inquiry projects.

Jan. 28

Had more time to work on our inquiry projects. We'll start presentations on Monday.

Jan. 27

School was closed today, so you'll be on your own to do some research for your inquiry project. We'll continue researching in class on Friday.

Jan. 26

Started researching our inquiry projects.

Jan. 25

Had part 2 of our exam.

Jan. 24

Had part 1 of our exam, on Physical Properties of Matter, The Mol, and Gases. Tomorrow will be part 2, on Chemical Reactions, Solutions, and Organic Chemstry.

Jan. 21

Reviewed the Organic Chemistry unit. Remember that if you have questions that need answering, either send me an email this weekend or come see me Monday at lunch or before school.

Jan. 20

Reviewed the Solutions unit. Don't forget that I'll be away for tomorrow afternoon, so if you have questions, track me down tomorrow morning or at lunch.

Jan. 19

Reviewed the Chemical Reactions unit.

Jan. 18

Reviewed the Gases unit.

Jan. 17

Started our exam review with Physical Properties of Matter and The Mol.

Jan. 14

Had our Organic Chemistry unit test.

Jan. 13

Reviewed the Organic Chemistry unit. The test is tomorrow.

Jan. 12

Did a lab on the production of esters, due on Monday.

Jan. 11

Talked about esters. Work on the practice questions for tomorrow.

Jan. 10

Talked about carboxylic acids, and talked about what the final inquiry project will look like. Think about what topic you want to do your project on over the next week or so if you haven't decided yet.

Jan. 7

Talked about alcohols and how to name them. Gave out a hand-in assignment, due on Monday. Here it is for those of you that need it.
07 Alcohols Worksheet.pdf

Jan. 6

Talked about alkynes. Finish off the worksheet from today it you haven't yet.

Dec. 21

Had our field trip to the U of M chemistry department.

Dec. 20

Played some chemistry jeopardy. Meet in my room at 8:30 AM tomorrow so that we can leave for the U of M shortly after 9.

Dec. 17

There were only 8 students in class, so we watched some Mythbusters. Don't forget to bring your Field Trip permission form in on Monday if you haven't done this yet.

Dec. 16

Talked about alkenes. If you're not done yet, finish off the practice questions for tommorow.

Dec. 15

Talked about structural isomers and condensed formulas. Gave out a hand-in assignment, due on Monday.

Dec. 14

Talked about branched alkanes. If you're not done yet, work on the practice questions given out in class.

Dec. 13

Talked about hydrocarbons, their natural sources and what an alkane is.

Dec. 10

Started talking about Organic Chemistry. Then we watched some Mythbusters.

Dec. 9

Had our Solutions unit test.

Dec. 8

Had our Solutions unit review. Don't forget to study tonight.

Dec. 7

Mr. Sereda was away, so we worked on a research project. This is due for tomorrow if you're not done yet.

Dec. 6

Did a lab based on dilutions, the lab sheet will be due on Wednesday.

Dec. 3

Today we did a lab on boiling point elevation and melting point depression.

Dec. 2

Talked about diluting solutions. Work on the practice questions for tomorrow.

Dec. 1

Talked about molarity and what it means. Gave out a hand-in assignment, due on Friday.

Nov. 30

Talked about the solubility of gases in liquids, and how changing pressure and temperature affects them.

Nov. 29

Talked about how to use solubility curves to figure out what type of solution we're dealing with. Finish up the practice questions for tomorrow.

Nov. 26

Talked about the heat of solution and supersaturated solutions. Then we made rock candy, which is an application of supersaturated solutions.

Nov. 25

Finished up our solubility lab. Your lab sheet will be due Monday.

Nov. 24

Started a lab to try and build solubility curves for ammonium chloride. We'll continue this tomorrow for those of you that didn't quite finish.

Nov. 23

Talked about what exactly happens to substances when they dissolve. Worked on some questions to do with solvation and dissociation reactions.

Nov. 22

Today we did a lab where we looked at the mixing of polar and non-polar substances.

Nov. 19

We talked about the electronegativity of water. And because it was Friday, and we've been doing a lot of work this week, we watched Mythbusters for the last half of class.

Nov. 18

Had our chemical reactions unit test.

Nov. 17

Started into the solutions unit by talking about the types of solutions. We then went on a "Web Quest" to find out how we measure the concentration of solutions.

Nov. 16

Reviewed the chemical reactions unit. Don't forget about the test this Thursday.

Nov. 15

Did a lab based on limiting reagents. Unit test will be later this week... we'll discuss this tomorrow.

Nov. 10

Talked more about limiting reagents, using mass instead of mols. Gave out a take-home quiz, due on Monday.

Nov. 9

Talked about limiting reagents. More practice questions were handed out. Don't forget to finish off any outstanding labs/assignments for tomorrow.

Nov. 8

Talked about the heat of reaction. Gave out a practice worksheet, finish this off if you're not done yet.

Nov. 5

Did our super-fun ultra-dangerous lab (it wasn't actually that dangerous). We'll talk more about it next week.

Nov. 4

Worked in the library on our pre-lab activity (lab is tomorrow).

Nov. 3

Today we did some more work with stoicheometry. If you're still having trouble with this, come and see me for some extra practice questions.

Nov. 2

Today we started to learn about stoicheometry. Try out the questions fromt he worksheet for tomorrow, but we'll go over it together if you couldn't make it through some of the questions.

Nov. 1

Today we finished up the lab we started on Friday. If you're not done the lab already, finish it off for Wednesday.

Oct. 29

Today, we did a lab where we tried to dehydrate a hydrated solid. We'll talk more about it on Monday.

Oct. 28

Today we learned about why empirical formulas are important in finding molecular formulas. Gave out a hand-in assignment, due on Monday.

Oct. 27

Today we learned about empirical formulas. If you're not quite done the practice questions, finish them off for tomorrow.

Oct. 26

Today we worked on some practice questions to review some stuff from grade 10, and then had a belated mol day celebration.

Oct. 25

Had our Gases unit test.

Oct. 21

Started talking about the chemical reactions unit, and things that you learned last year that you may have forgotten. No homework for the weekend, we'll pick up where we left off on Tuesday. Don't forget to study for the test!

Oct. 20

Reviewed the gases unit. Make sure you study tonight and this weekend for the test on Monday.

Oct. 19

Talked about Dalton's law of partial pressures. Finish off the practice questions for tomorrow.

Oct. 18

Had our gases quiz and had a few more presentations. It's looking like our gases test will be on Monday, so if you have questions, start asking soon!

Oct. 15

Continued presentations and talked about molar volume and the ideal gas law. Gave out a hand-in assignment, due on Tuesday next week.

Oct. 14

Continued presentations and talked about the combined gas equation. Finish the practice questions I handed out for tomorrow.

Oct. 13

Started presentations on our air quality mini-projects, and talked about Gay-Lussac's law (how pressure and temperature are related). If you're not done that worksheet yet, finish it for tomorrow.

Oct. 12

Did a lab based on Charles' Law. Don't forget that the first presentations for your research projects are tomorrow.

Oct. 6

Talked about how the volume and temperature of a gas are related. If you're not done those practice questions yet, finish them for tomorrow.

Oct. 5

Talked about how the pressure and the volume of a gas are related, and gave out a hand-in assignment. This will be due for Thursday.

Oct. 4

Talked about pressure and different ways to measure it. If you're not done the Pressure Conversions worksheet, finish it for homework check tomorrow.

Oct. 1

Today we had time to work on our Air Quality Mini-Project. On Monday we'll talk about when we'll be doing class presentations on these.

Sept. 30

We started talking about gases today, and a few environmental concerns involving gases. Your homework for tonight is to think about what topic you would like to investigate with regards to air quality.

Sept. 29

We had a quiz on mols today. Tomorrow we'll start into some new material.

Sept. 28

Continued going over review questions, and the quiz on mols will be tomorrow.

Sept. 27

Reviewed the mol, naming and average atomic mass. The test for this stuff will be on Wednesday, so if you need any help with any of this stuff, please ask me before then!

Sept. 24

Had a more relaxing day, learned how to take fingerprints using iodine. We then had extra time to work on the Mol Questions worksheet due Monday, don't forget to finish this on the weekend if you're not done yet.

Sept. 23

Talked about converting between mols and number of particles, and how to go from mass to number of particles. Handed out a hand-in assignment on converting from mols to various quantities, due on Monday.

Sept. 22

Talked about how we can use the molar mass of a substance to figure out how many mols there are in a certain weight, or vice versa. Finish off the sheet we were working on in class for homework if you're not quite done.

Sept. 21

Started talking about Avogadro's number and the mol, and why it's important in chemistry. Homework for tomorrow: finish off the Molar Mass worksheet from today.

Sept. 20

Reviewed covalent bonds and how to name covalent compounds. Gave out a hand-in assignment on this that I think everyone has finished/handed in, but if not have it done for tomorrow to hand in.

Sept. 17

Reviewed naming and writing of ionic compounds, and gave out an assignment for homework for Monday. The answer key for this assignment is here:
Ionic Naming Worksheet Answers.doc

Sept. 16

Talked about isotopes and how they are used to calculate average atomic mass. Finish off the Average Atomic Mass worksheet for tomorrow.

Sept. 15

Talked about the structure of solids and used mini marshmallows to simulate an ionic solid. Homework for tomorrow: pg. 399, #15-19. If you'd like some questions that will help you with your KMT assignment, try pg. 407, #26, 31, 32, 34-42, 45-47.

Sept. 14

Talked about vapour pressure and how it relates to the boiling point of a liquid. Handed out a take-home assignment for the Physical Properties of Matter unit, due on Wednesday next week. Make sure you start working on this as soon as possible, so that you can let me know if you need any extra materials to complete this assignment!

Sept. 13

Today we talked about the KMT with respect to phase changes. Homework is in the textbook on page 407, #48-50, 56, 62-66.

Sept. 10

Continued talking about the KMT and how it applies to gases, as well as to liquids and solids. Talked about the Kelvin scale and how to convert between Celcius and Kelvin. Went over homework assignment in class, so no homework for the weekend!

Sept. 9

Handed out textbooks and went over lab safety. Please make sure you return this to me after having your parents sign it so that you can participate in labs!

Started talking about the Kinetic Molecular Theory and its application to gases. We will continue to talk about this next class, as we got sidetracked by several interesting conversations, and didn't quite finish the gases section.