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Our final project will be on Wednesday, June 11th.

May 22

The groups/assignments for the final project will be as follows:

Keiron, Matt, Alanna and Jory: Drinks/ice cream floats
Sam, Ally, Calli, Livie: Baked goods for dessert
Mike D., Lucas, Russel, Craig, Wyatt: Hamburgers
Zack, Steve, Chase, Noah, Mike C.: Hot dogs and chips

Your written plan will be due on Tuesday, June 3rd. Your written reflection of the project will be due on Monday, June 16th.

May 20

We will have our final project on Tuesday, June 10. We will decide on groups tomorrow.

May 6

Your Legal Requirements assignment will be due on Wednesday.

Apr. 7

Here is the order for the upcoming ventures:

Apr. 28 - May 2: Michael D., Lucas, Chase, Keiron, Alanna
May 5 - 9: Will, Sam, Olivia, Steve, Wyatt
May 12 - 16: Matt, Noah, Jory, Mike C.
May 19 - 23: Calli, Ally, Craig, Russel, Zack

Feb. 25

We will start presentations for our presentation assignment next week.

Feb. 11

If you haven't finished your Angry Customer Letter yet, it will be due on Friday.

Jan. 13

Your planning sheets for our next venture will be due on Friday. Here is the schedule of who is selling:

Feb. 6: Zack, Mike C., Mike D., Noah, Lucas
Feb. 13: Sam, Ally, Alanna, Olivia, Calli
Feb. 20: Russel, Matt, Craig, Jory, Will
Feb. 27: Steve, Keiron, Chase, Wyatt

Dec. 17

On Dec. 20th, here are the jobs that have been assigned so far:

Set-up: Ally

Cash box before the show: Sam
Handing out food before the show: Olivia
Handing out drinks before the show: Matt
Resupplying the table before the show: Calli
Popcorn maker before the show: Keiron
Popcorn seasoner before the show: Alanna

Cash box at intermission: Mike C.
Handing out food at intermission: Russel
Handing out drinks at intermission: Michael D.
Resupplying the table at intermission: Jory
Popcorn maker at intermission: Wyatt
Popcorn seasoner at intermission: Chase

Funnel (getting everyone into a good line): Noah

Clean-up: Steve

Anyone who doesn't have a job yet will get one shortly.

Dec. 9

Our class will be providing snacks for the talent show, on the afternoon of Dec. 20. We will be discussing this week who will be responsible for what job on that day.

Nov. 27

Due to other bake sales going on at school, here is the new schedule for who is selling their product:

Dec. 2: Will, Matt, Keiron, Chase, Zack
Dec. 9: Michael, Lucas, Calli, Ally, Olivia

Nov. 19

Your Business Plan assignment will be due on Thursday.

Nov. 4

Here is the schedule of which group is selling when:

Craig, Sam, Wyatt and Noah: Nov. 13
Jory, Russel, Keegan, Alanna and Steve: Nov. 20
Will, Matt, Keiron, Chase and Zack: Nov. 27
Mike, Lucas, Calli, Ally and Olivia: Dec. 4

Oct. 22

All outstanding work must be submitted by Monday, Nov. 4

Oct. 17

Your Partnership Agreement assignment will be due on Monday.

Oct. 9

Your Types of Businesses assignment will be due on Friday.

Oct. 2

Your Businesses for Sale assignment will be due on Monday.

Sept. 30

Our first group will be selling their drinks on Thursday.

Sept. 18

Your Group Venture Planning Assignment will be due on Friday next week (Sept. 27).

Sept. 17

Here is the schedule of which group is selling their products:

Noah, Chase, Jory, Craig, Russel: Oct. 3
Matt, Olivia, Keiron, Calli: Oct. 10
Will, Keegan, Wyatt, Steve: Oct. 17
Michael, Sam, Ally, Alanna, Lucas: Oct. 24