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Exam: Tuesday, Jan. 27th, 9 AM

Jan. 16

Our motion unit test will be on Tuesday.

Jan. 13

Our balloon car race will be on Friday morning.

Dec. 12

The hand-in assignment given out today will be due on Wednesday. We will also have a physics quiz on Wednesday.

Nov. 24

We will have our Chemistry test on Thursday instead of Wednesday to give us more time to review.

Nov. 20

Your Acids and Bases poster will be due on Monday.

Nov. 18

Your Chemical Equations Hand-In assignment will be due on Friday. We will have our chemistry unit test on Wednesday next week.

Nov. 4

Your Reaction Types lab will be due on Friday.

Oct. 27

Your Conservation of Mass lab will be due tomorrow.

Oct. 21

Our Chemistry quiz will now be on Thursday, because of the art field trip.

Oct. 17

Your Chemical Bonding hand-in assignment will be due on Monday.

Oct. 14

We will have a Chemistry quiz on Tuesday next week.

Sept. 30

We will have our Biology test on Friday.

Sept. 25

Your Niverville Food Chain project will be due on Friday next week (Oct. 3).

Sept. 16

Your Ecology quiz will be on Friday.

Sept. 15

Your Humans and the Environment project will be due on Friday.