Physics 30S

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Jan. 25

Started reviewing for the exam. The exam is on Jan. 31st at 12:55 PM (be there for 12:45!). Don't forget to bring two pencils and a calculator.

Jan. 19

Your Light test will be on Tuesday.

Jan. 10

Your E/B Field and Electromagnetic Induction test will be on Friday.

Dec. 13

Your Electric and Magnetic Fields quiz will be on Friday.

Dec. 8

Gave out a hand-in assignment, due on Monday.

Dec. 2

We'll be having a quiz on Gravitational Fields on Monday.

Dec. 1

Did a lab where we calculated the coefficient of friction between two surfaces. This will be due on Monday.

Nov. 17

Gave out a Newton's 2nd law assignment, due on Monday.

Nov. 16

Our Dynamics unit test will be on Tuesday next week.

Nov. 10

Started doing research on the fundamental forces of nature. The booklet for this will be due on Tuesday.

Oct. 31

Your Kinematics test will be on Friday.

Oct. 24

Your Kinematics quiz will be on Thursday.

Oct. 18

Your vector journies will be due on Thursday.

Sept. 23

Your Waves unit test will be on Tuesday next week.

Sept. 19

Did a lab on Snell's Law, due on Friday. There will be a quiz tomorrow on the waves stuff we've been doing so far.

Sept. 16

The Snell's law hand-in assignment will be due on Wednesday.

Sept. 13

Did an experiment to calculate the frequency and period of a bouncing mass on a spring. This will be due tomorrow (Wednesday).

Sept. 8

Handed out course outlines and lab safety contracts. Get these signed by your parents ASAP.