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Exam: Wednesday, June 11th at 9:00 AM in Mr. Sereda's Room

June 5

Don't forget that your Career-Life projects will be due on Tuesday, and that our exam is on Wednesday morning in my room. Here is the list of the career-life interviews that are happening in the next two weeks:

June 11: Susy, Jon
June 12: Christy, Keanu, Andrew
June 13: Liam, Jane, Justin
June 16: Avery, Lindsay, Brennan
June 17: Nathan, Chris

May 26

Your Career-Life project will be due on Tuesday, June 10th.

May 20

Don't forget about the probability test tomorrow.

May 13

Work on the Expected Value questions for tomorrow. We will have our Probability test on Tuesday.

May 5

Work on pg. 27, #1 - 7 for tomorrow. Don't forget about the quiz tomorrow.

May 1

Work on pg. 24, #1 - 7 for tomorrow.

Apr. 25

Work on pg. 342, #3 - 7 for Monday.

Apr. 24

Work on pg. 334, #4, 6 and 8 for tomorrow.

Apr. 21

Our Home Finance test will be on Wednesday.

Apr. 16

If you haven't finished your Buying a House Project yet, hand it in by Monday.

Apr. 15

Our Buying a House Project will be due on Thursday.

Apr. 8

Work on the Land Transfer Tax questions for tomorrow.

Apr. 7

Work on the Property Insurance questions for tomorrow.

Mar. 24

Work on the Mortgage Payment questions for tomorrow. Don't do #4 or #6, we'll talk about those tomorrow.

Mar. 19

Work on the Precision and Accuracy questions for tomorrow.

Mar. 13

We will have our Statistics quiz on Tuesday.

Mar. 11

Work on the Trimmed Mean questions for tomorrow.

Mar. 10

Work on the Weighted Mean questions for tomorrow.

Mar. 5

Work on the Median and Mode questions for tomorrow.

Feb. 26

Your New Vehicle assignment will be due on Monday. The Vehicle Finance test will be on Tuesday.

Feb. 21

Work on the Vehicle Loan Questions for next class.

Feb. 18

Work on the Vehicle Leasing Questions for tomorrow.

Feb. 14

Work on the Autopac Questions for Tuesday.

Feb. 13

Work on the Vehicle Depreciation questions for tomorrow. We will be having a quiz on Wednesday next week.

Feb. 12

Work on the New Vehicles questions for tomorrow.

Feb. 11

If you haven't finished your Used Vehicle project yet, it will be due on Friday.

Feb. 7

Your homework is the Buying a Used Vehicle sheet.

Feb. 5

Work on the Vehicle maintenance sheet, #1 - 5 for tomorrow.

Feb. 4

Work on the Fuel Economy sheet, #1 - 10 for tomorrow.