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Exam: Wednesday, June 18th at 9:00 AM in Mr. Sereda's room

June 5

Your Moving Out project will be due on Tuesday.

May 27

Work on the Relation Application questions for tomorrow.

May 26

Work on the Fixed Value questions for tomorrow.

May 23

We will have our Relations and Patterns test on Friday next week.

May 21

Work on the Slope questions for tomorrow.

May 20

Work on the Relations questions for tomorrow.

May 13

Work on the Budgeting questions, #1 - 6, for tomorrow.

May 6

Your Statistics assignment will be due on Monday.

May 1

Work on the Bar Graphs questions #1 - 8 for tomorrow.

Apr. 29

Work on the Line Graph questions #1 - 6 for tomorrow.

Apr. 22

Work on pg. 342, #1, 3, 5, 7 for tomorrow. We will have a Trig quiz on Friday.

Apr. 21

Work on Pg. 330, #1 - 5 for tomorrow.

Apr. 15

Work on page 326, #2, 3, 5, 6, 7 for tomorrow.

Apr. 14

Work on page 320, #1 - 3 for tomorrow.

Apr. 10

Work on the SOHCAHTOA questions, #19 - 24 for Monday.

Apr. 9

Work on the SOHCAHTOA questions, #13 - 18 for tomorrow.

Apr. 8

Work on the Pythagorean Theorem questions for tomorrow.

Mar. 24

Work on the Volume and Surface Area questions for tomorrow.

Mar. 19

Work on the Pyramid questions (1, 3, 5) and the Volume questions (1, 3, 5, 7) for tomorrow.

Mar. 17

Work on the Cone surface area questions for tomorrow.

Mar. 11

Work on the Sphere surface area questions for tomorrow. We will have a quiz tomorrow as well.

Mar. 10

Work on the Cylinder surface area questions for tomorrow.

Mar. 7

Work on the rest of the Rectangular Prism and Triangular Prism questions for Monday.

Mar. 5

Work on the Rectangular Prism questions for tomorrow.

Mar. 4

Work on the Circle/Irregular Shape questions for tomorrow.

Mar. 3

Work on the Rectangle/Triangle Area questions for tomorrow.

Feb. 25

Work on the Measurement Intro questions for tomorrow.

Feb. 18

Due to popular request, we'll have our Interest and Credit Test tomorrow.

Feb. 12

Work on the Personal Loan questions for tomorrow. We will be having a quiz on Friday.

Feb. 11

If you haven't finished your Credit Investigation yet, it will be due on Friday.

Feb. 7

Work on the Credit Card question sheet over the weekend.

Feb. 6

Finish off the Compound Interest sheet for tomorrow.

Feb. 5

Work on the Compound Interest sheet, #1 - 3 for tomorrow.

Feb. 4

Work on the Simple Interest sheet, #1 - 7 for tomorrow.