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Exam: Wednesday, Jan. 28th, 9 AM

Jan. 13

Our Organic Chem test will be on Wednesday next week.

Jan. 8

Here are our review notes from today.

Solutions Review Notes

Jan. 5

We will have our Solutions test on Friday.

Nov. 20

Our Chemical Reactions test will be on Tuesday.

Nov. 12

Hand in your Stoichiometry lab report for tomorrow.

Nov. 3

We will have our Gases test on Thursday. Your Gases simulation assignment will be due on Friday.

Oct. 23

Happy Mole Day!

Your Charles' Law lab will be due on Monday. We will have a Gases quiz on Wednesday.

Oct. 21

Don't forget that Mole Day is on Thursday! Bring your projects in for Thursday to compete for prizes!

Oct. 10

Here is the order for presentations. They will start on Wednesday, so be prepared for Wednesday, because you may present whether you're ready or not:

1. Jordan C. and Kaisha
2. Alexis
3. Darby and Kyla
4. Hana and Jordyn O.
5. Lauryn and Alex
6. Minhye and Angel
7. Cory and Dylan
8. Abby and Danica
9. Liam
10. Jessica T. and Sam S.
11. Sam G. and Morgan
12. Brett and Jessica G.
13. Wes and Braden
14. Josh and Noah
15. Zach and Lance
16. Carlie

Oct. 9

Your Air Quality project presentations will be due on Tuesday. Presentations will start on Wednesday.

Sept. 30

We will have a Mole test on Friday.

Sept. 26

Your Sig Figs and Scientific Notation assignment will be due on Tuesday.

Sept. 19

Your Physical Properties of Matter test will be on Tuesday.

Sept. 15

Your Miscibility lab report will be due for Wednesday.

Sept. 10

Finish the first four sections of your lab report for tomorrow.

Sept. 4

We will have our review quiz on Monday.